Thursday, 13 August 2015


It has been all go lately. Too many new things coming out all the time to take in everything but we do our best. Google's 'Material design' ideas look interesting and this is one of the concepts we intend using in the future as long as customers want it.
Luckily we are being kept busy with 4 new websites currently being worked on and the customers have all signed off the initial designs so we can get going developing the full sites. Its nice having several different designs to work on as working on only one at a time becomes very intensive and tedious after a while. I personally like to bounce lots of ideas and designs off the client to see what works with them and what doesn't. It has always got to be a collaborative thing so the client gets the website they want. That is 100% the most important factor we adhere to in our work.
The recent good weather is not good for speedy production but as our office has a big garden with comfy new garden furniture,we do take advantage during our breaks and after we finish anything major.Until the next post...

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